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Is Samsung on the comeback trail?

Working in an office ruled by Macs and firmly entrenched in an Apple driven world (hey I even work in the Big Apple regularly), when it comes to my smartphone I have resisted the move to be all Apple all … Continue reading

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Non-drivers commuting time activities have changed the game

Stories in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal this week focused on the time Americans take to commute to and from their jobs. In the New York City area a story in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the … Continue reading

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Just don’t take away my printed Sunday New York Times

As a big fan of digital publishing I read my daily newspapers digitally (The NY Times and Wall Street Journal) – all except for the local newspaper (The Norwalk Hour), which along with a printed New York Times are delivered … Continue reading

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Amazon and Apple – are they rivals or partners?

Aggravation: As of last week The Wall Street Journal application that resides on my ‘Original’ Amazon Kindle Fire is no longer is supported by Amazon.  I learned of this when last week I could no longer download the paper.   No … Continue reading

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Marketers are targeting – what’s it to you?

I hesitated to include what is nearly an entire article even from a venerated newspaper (or content provider?) such as the Wall Street Journal.   However since my partners and I continually discuss the nature of successful advertising, effective targeting is … Continue reading

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Try in-store buy at home vs. buy at home pick up in-store

The recent news regarding Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.com’s U.S. $692 million investment in Chinese department store operator, Intime Retail giving it a 25 percent stake in the company is quite possibly a watershed event in the marriage between online and … Continue reading

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China Skinny does a good job curating China content

One of my new favorite China information sites is China Skinny It is a collection of stories related to marketing and lifestyle development in the Middle Kingdom.   The variety of stories is very good and I almost always find more than … Continue reading

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Ethan Allen – the interesting Asia story of a venerated American Brand

Last week at the Asia Society in New York I attended an event entitled “Ethan Allen CEO – Selling ‘Made in the USA’ to China.   It featured Ethan Allen Interiors CEO M. Farooq Kathwari interviewed by Timothy Aeppel bureau chief … Continue reading

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Google isn’t being evil but maybe a bit greedy

I have a great deal of respect for Google as a company. Their platforms work well for users and have shown the world how cloud computing can be a part of everyday life. As a marketing services company Google AdWords … Continue reading

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YouTube’s shot across the cable brow

It was a small story in this morning’s Wall Street Journal  “Google’s YouTube in Talks to Let Video Creators Charge Viewers”. People familiar with YouTube and its need for finding new revenue streams will not be surprised at all. Take … Continue reading

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