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A lack of marketing is not helping digital editions

I ride a train to and from New York City most of the days of the month. It takes over an hour on the train itself. I make an effort to pass the time reading all sorts of things. I … Continue reading

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Just don’t take away my printed Sunday New York Times

As a big fan of digital publishing I read my daily newspapers digitally (The NY Times and Wall Street Journal) – all except for the local newspaper (The Norwalk Hour), which along with a printed New York Times are delivered … Continue reading

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Newspaper tablet apps – good but not great

I’ve been reading the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal exclusively on my Amazon Kindle for a few months (except for weekends as I could not bear to give up the printed Sunday Times).    Since I now have … Continue reading

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I’m saying good-bye to my printed newspaper – mostly

          A study from Deloitte last week entitled “Readers abandon print for digital platforms but it’s a slow revolution’ really caught my attention.    Excerpt from the article: Newspapers — Print plummets: 39 percent of newspaper reading respondents … Continue reading

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Why isn’t there a current advertiser tab on newspaper and magazine website home pages?

While I was thumbing through the newspaper this morning (yes the analog printed version) I was again thinking about switching to a tablet or e-Reader subscription when our current subscriptions expire. As I moved through the paper I noticed the … Continue reading

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