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A lack of marketing is not helping digital editions

I ride a train to and from New York City most of the days of the month. It takes over an hour on the train itself. I make an effort to pass the time reading all sorts of things. I … Continue reading

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New mobile ‘Apperating’ systems are changing the way we use our smart phones

Give Wired Magazine the credit for coming up with the term ‘Apperating system’ as it applies to the home screens and general navigation on smart phone devices.  Writer @ryantate did an excellent job in his June 2013 article, explaining the concept … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire can’t be the best that Amazon can do

Even before I had bought the original Kindle in 2007 (this was pre-iPad days if you’ll recall), I had been a longtime fan of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com.   Back in the 1990’s I bought some Amazon.com stock @ $11/share only … Continue reading

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A Kindle Fire is cool, an iPad is cooler – an iPadlet could be coolest

When I got my Amazon Kindle over the past holiday season I had my first opportunity to use a tablet for any length of time. I liked the smaller compact size – it fit into my briefcase better than an … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire – Version 1.0 is an ok start

On Monday December 12, New York Times’ writer David Streitfeld quasi-reviewed the hot-selling Amazon Kindle Fire http://nyti.ms/ruVyId. Skewered might be a better description. I have had my own Amazon Kindle Fire for two and a half weeks and have not … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire – remember it’s only 1.0

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos presented the new Amazon Kindle – called ‘Fire’ this past Wednesday in New York. I’ve written much about the Kindle in general and had not planned to write about it particularly since yesterday’s unveiling offered few … Continue reading

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