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Under-18 student data should be sacred

When I was really young I really believed that PF Flyers would make me “Run Faster, Jump Higher!), and had I had the ability to purchase I would have purchased as many pairs as possible. Fortunately my mother knew better … Continue reading

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WalMart tightropes the brick and mortar world to the online world

Maybe you missed it last week. The little Article in the New York Times – Reporting that Wal-Mart is falling behind in the area of online sales – far behind Amazon.com for example. In the world of online sales WalMart … Continue reading

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Regulating personal drones – will they become the property of the FAA?

Ever since I saw the piece on CBS 60 Minutes last month where Amazon’s Jeff Bezos coyly introduced a product not quite ready for prime time – the Delivery Drone, I’ve again been thinking about personal drones.  A January 2nd, … Continue reading

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The end of bookstores is NOT at hand

The New York Times story last week regarding bricks and mortar AND online bookstore Barnes and Noble  noted that The nation’s largest bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble said on Tuesday that its revenue decreased 8 percent, to $1.7 billion, in … Continue reading

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Acxiom – a huge data marketing company that knows things about you

  Having been in the direct marketing business for much of my career I have been familiar with Little Rock, Arkansas-based Acxiom including yesterday when he formally introduced http://www.aboutthedata.com an Acxiom website that offers consumers the chance to review some of … Continue reading

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Facial recognition software demonstrates 1984 is finally here – thirty years late

When I read the article yesterday I could feel my eyes get a little wider and my jaw drop just a bit.  An article that started out as such: ‘The federal government is making progress on developing a surveillance system … Continue reading

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Google isn’t being evil but maybe a bit greedy

I have a great deal of respect for Google as a company. Their platforms work well for users and have shown the world how cloud computing can be a part of everyday life. As a marketing services company Google AdWords … Continue reading

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