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Amazon and Google are fast becoming like public utilities

I’ve noted on several occasions that I am an admirer of both Google (now Alphabet) and Amazon.com. As marketers we are involved with both every single day on behalf of our clients AND ourselves. We have a number of clients … Continue reading

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New mobile ‘Apperating’ systems are changing the way we use our smart phones

Give Wired Magazine the credit for coming up with the term ‘Apperating system’ as it applies to the home screens and general navigation on smart phone devices.  Writer @ryantate did an excellent job in his June 2013 article, explaining the concept … Continue reading

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Google isn’t being evil but maybe a bit greedy

I have a great deal of respect for Google as a company. Their platforms work well for users and have shown the world how cloud computing can be a part of everyday life. As a marketing services company Google AdWords … Continue reading

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The future of Yahoo.com is cloudy

Carol Bartz has been gone from Yahoo for nearly two months and there has been spotty news on management other than Timothy Morse being named interim CEO and Yahoo founders Jerry Yang and David Filo remaining ‘chief Yahoos’. Wednesday of … Continue reading

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Google buys Zagat – it should have bought Yelp

I have been familiar with and have used Tim and Nina Zagat’s restaurant guide for more than twenty years. I’ve long since given up the printed books for an on-line subscription which offers me access to Zagat reviews for restaurants … Continue reading

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Social media can enhance life – except when it gets out of control

Most people know that Facebook (and vanishing MySpace) were conceived to appeal to college age and even pre-teen and teenagers respectively. It did not quite work out that way. For quite a while now the fastest growing segment of FB … Continue reading

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Google+ offers more pluses than minuses

Although I was not a charter invitee to the Google+ trial universe I have been playing around with it now for about a week. Google+ is throwing the gauntlet down at Facebook offering its version of a social network. It’s … Continue reading

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A $1 billion IPO – is Zynga built to last?

The news last week was that Zynga has planned an IPO filing for $1 billion (it hopes to raise $1.5 to $2 billion with an overall company valuation as much as $20 billion). The move http://bit.ly/qq9yzv took nobody by surprise. … Continue reading

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Google+ the jury is still deliberating

I am off this week which is to say that I won’t be doing the normal office thing. It’s not quite like Bill Gates leaving Microsoft for a couple of weeks as he does annually where he reads and ruminates. … Continue reading

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Will today’s teenagers be the last generation to type on a keyboard?

This thought has been popping up in my mind consistently over the past few years. With voice recognition technology continually improving (I admit it still has a way to go), the need to actually keystroke in words is possibly becoming … Continue reading

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