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Five reasons a football tailgate is all about social networking

Because I am an American I watch football.  Some days I watch too much football.  Well almost.  Yet like most football watching fans I don’t attend many games in person.  There are obvious reasons for that – expense being a … Continue reading

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Amazon gets a Twitch and likes it

The news that Amazon purchased for nearly a billion dollars last week is now in the category of old news.  It was Amazon’s second largest purchase ever (bonus points if you can recall the largest which was only for … Continue reading

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Continuity direct marketing in E-books – the song remains the same

For a good portion of my professional career I was involved with continuity direct marketing.   We did work for record clubs like Bertelsmann (and Columbia House) and book clubs like Book of the Month Club.   I learned a great deal … Continue reading

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Will AOL’s Tim Armstrong ever find a way to make profitable?

Three years ago I posted that local newspapers needed to change to continue to be relevant.  Three years later not much has changed except that there are fewer local newspapers.   I thought that AOL’s might fill the void (Tim … Continue reading

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Even making a little effort can go a long way

Does this seem familiar?   You run into someone that you’ve known for a long time but have not spent time with them in ages.  You briefly catch up and part with the promise that you’ll get together soon.   And then … Continue reading

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Paying for membership does not create a community

When you become a member of an organization or club you sometimes have to pay for the privilege.   Think of a health club, beach or golf club, or alumni club from your university.  All require payments in order to remain … Continue reading

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New mobile ‘Apperating’ systems are changing the way we use our smart phones

Give Wired Magazine the credit for coming up with the term ‘Apperating system’ as it applies to the home screens and general navigation on smart phone devices.  Writer @ryantate did an excellent job in his June 2013 article, explaining the concept … Continue reading

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An article in Tuesday’s New York Times noted that has it has found a partner in the board game industry.   “On Tuesday, the company began holding what it is calling Stir game nights, where singles gather at bars and restaurants … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire can’t be the best that Amazon can do

Even before I had bought the original Kindle in 2007 (this was pre-iPad days if you’ll recall), I had been a longtime fan of Jeff Bezos and   Back in the 1990’s I bought some stock @ $11/share only … Continue reading

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What next for Foursquare?

I was a fairly early adopter of Foursquare having joined up in March of 2010. I was particularly interested in how people might use the platform with check-ins and how Foursquare might monetize the platform. Nearly three years later I … Continue reading

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