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A lack of marketing is not helping digital editions

I ride a train to and from New York City most of the days of the month. It takes over an hour on the train itself. I make an effort to pass the time reading all sorts of things. I … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire can’t be the best that Amazon can do

Even before I had bought the original Kindle in 2007 (this was pre-iPad days if you’ll recall), I had been a longtime fan of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com.   Back in the 1990’s I bought some Amazon.com stock @ $11/share only … Continue reading

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Laurene Powell Jobs should write about living with a modern day Newton

Now that I have finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs I have to admit that I wish I’d met the man – something I had never felt was all that important before I read the book. What I’d also … Continue reading

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Personal handheld computers have already won

This week my associates and I had two different ‘pitch’ meetings with companies that were vastly different. One of the companies was a large electronics and appliance retailer primarily doing business in the New York DMA. While they do sell … Continue reading

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A Kindle Fire is cool, an iPad is cooler – an iPadlet could be coolest

When I got my Amazon Kindle over the past holiday season I had my first opportunity to use a tablet for any length of time. I liked the smaller compact size – it fit into my briefcase better than an … Continue reading

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What if I wanted a tablet that wasn’t an iPad?

They’re everywhere – iPads. On the train to New York City, on planes, all over the globe I see people using them more and more. As yet I have not succumbed to Apple or any other tablet maker. Part of … Continue reading

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Why not a free Amazon Kindle?

As a sometime frustrated original Kindle owner (mainly due to the fact that they have never reached out to me since I paid the $ 399 for the now dinosaur-like 1st edition) ,the news this week http://on.wsj.com/i9NHe2 that Amazon has … Continue reading

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