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China will have to be known for high quality products

Last summer I wrote about the idea that few Chinese companies have embraced a dedication to making best-in-class products.   In my many visits to factories in China over the past five years I was almost universally asked about quality control … Continue reading

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Here’s your chance to help me decide on which new smartphone to get

I am a big fan of crowdsourcing.  Not for everything as sometimes you need to just go your own way and forsake popular opinion.  At least that’s what I do sometimes.    However when it comes to deciding on a new … Continue reading

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The future of Chinese brand success in the U.S. will be tied to better – not cheaper

Samsung (from Japan) is one of the most recent examples of a foreign brand that has successfully changed its brand perception in the eyes of many Americans.   The success of the Samsung smart phone has enabled Samsung to sell more … Continue reading

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What if I wanted a tablet that wasn’t an iPad?

They’re everywhere – iPads. On the train to New York City, on planes, all over the globe I see people using them more and more. As yet I have not succumbed to Apple or any other tablet maker. Part of … Continue reading

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