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I tried to go cashless and still failed

I’ve written about digital wallets and my complete disdain for writing old-fashioned checks. Living around a major city like New York one might think that digital natives (i.e. Millennials) are living life without ever having to pull out greenbacks and … Continue reading

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How watching All in the Family made people understand one another better

Last week I read an article about the release of a new Netflix version of the 1970’s show One Day at a Time (starring Rita Moreno giving the redux a bit of Latin-flavor). The original show starring the late Bonnie … Continue reading

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Be uncompromising but willing to compromise

Having a personal value system is how individuals make decisions on what to do and what not to do. From a very young age we’re taught to be uncompromising when it comes to your core values. I could not agree … Continue reading

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SO busy. Dropping in just doesn’t work any more

It’s gotten to the point where less and less frequently I call someone without arranging it beforehand. Do you schedule your calls with clients and prospects too? That happens with face-to-face appointments now almost exclusively. A far cry different from … Continue reading

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NASA still needs to market itself

Last year I wrote about a great marketing story that “wasn’t” and it had to do with NASA. You remember NASA right? The National Aeronautics and Space Agency. Aeronautics?   Does anyone really use that term outside of the agency itself? … Continue reading

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Who really wants to write a check?

My daughter who moved to the Midwest earlier this year is moving into a new apartment and was asked to provide a check. She’d only written a few and had to ask ‘how do I write a check again?’   While … Continue reading

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The DMV is still where you’d rather not be

As the nation that invented the driving of automobiles, any licensed driver feels a chill go up his or her spine when they have to consider a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.   I’ve been going there now for … Continue reading

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