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The benefits of working remotely outweigh the disadvantages

I had a friend tell me that it seems my blog often touches on the experiences of driving automobiles. When I started writing this blog nearly 10 years ago I called it “The Way I See It”. Not the most … Continue reading

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5 Technology Gifts for 2016 I’d like to see

Reading an article in today’s Wall Street Journal entitled ‘Auto Makers Losing Battle for Dashboard Apps’ reminded me that there are a number of technology-based changes that would be wonderful to use in 2016. What must be kept in mind … Continue reading

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In-car navigation systems offer little utility

It’s summer here in the U.S. and since we Americans are still so keen on driving navigation assistance remains very important. Today most people don’t use AAA for TripTiks and maps any longer (cue nostalgic music). Just last week Nokia’s … Continue reading

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Google buying battery hog Waze is smart – as long as you have power nearby

The news last week was abuzz with Google’s latest $1 billion acquisition of crowd source navigation application WAZE.  Bloomberg.com had this to offer – “Google needs to maintain supremacy in maps, as they are a key to mobile advertising,” Andrew Frank, … Continue reading

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Do you still ask for directions?

My wife reminded me that not everyone has a GPS phone or a navigation system in their car. Despite that observation, it is a rare occasion that someone will ask me for directions when they are coming to visit me … Continue reading

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Mobile phones are no longer the third screen

Having just returned from China and a trip to South Carolina I’ve had to use a mobile phone (it’s a Blackberry Storm) as my primary communication device for nearly two weeks. Although I won’t get into the problems that Research … Continue reading

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This is not your grandfather’s China

It isn’t even the China I grew up learning about. China is a country with a more than 5,000 year old history. Americans (and Westerners in general) older than 30 grew up with the idea of ‘Red China’. The advancing … Continue reading

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