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Business in China for Americans means hurry up and wait

Having moved around quite a bit during this trip – Tokyo to Hong Kong and then to Shenzhen, China I’ve been able to experience the stark contrasts of doing business in China with that of doing business in Japan or … Continue reading

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China’s Foxconn and Apple – a match not quite made in heaven

Although I have visited a number of factories in China I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the giant Foxconn factories which are located in several different parts of China. Foxconn is actually a Taiwanese company as an affiliate of … Continue reading

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International flight transfers – when you are there but not really there

It’s 4AM on Thursday on the U.S. East coast. But it’s 5PM Thursday in Japan – a place I have been to several times but not in a couple of years. I sit in the Delta SkyLounge at Narita International … Continue reading

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Mobile phones are no longer the third screen

Having just returned from China and a trip to South Carolina I’ve had to use a mobile phone (it’s a Blackberry Storm) as my primary communication device for nearly two weeks. Although I won’t get into the problems that Research … Continue reading

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4 things I learned on my trip to Shenzhen, China that I did not know before

Now that I am back in the good ‘ol USA after a 22 hour travel from my Shenzhen hotel back to my office, I can reflect a bit on my latest trip to the Middle Kingdom. This trip far exceeded … Continue reading

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China Never Sleeps

</aAs I am in my last full day in Shenzhen (this trip at least), I had a productive weekend and Sunday in particular. But I am far from the only one to be productive as Shenzhen is busy seemingly seven … Continue reading

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