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Digital natives have an advantage during the Coronavirus pandemic

If you are under 40 you are a digital native.  Most of the under-40 group has been online since at least their teenage years. Having been attached to screens and aspects of the virtual world has made this group much … Continue reading

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A portable professional life after two weeks

Now that road trip #1 has been over for nearly a week and I’m for a month ‘living’ out west 3,250 miles from home base, it’s real. And disrupting. And I love it. I wake up and a at work … Continue reading

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How online video gamers learn business management skills

I have two grown children – a son who will be 24 next month and a daughter that will be 20 this summer.   Their digital skills as digital natives exceed mine despite my great efforts to keep up with the … Continue reading

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Creepiness can sometimes also be cool

Google has used the corporate motto ‘Don’t be evil’ for quite some time now. While some people feel that it no longer has the same ring to it now that Google is tracking users universally across its services like Gmail, … Continue reading

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