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LinkedIn prospecting is becoming much worse than junk mail

A little over a year ago I wrote a post entitled ‘Who are you? And no I’m not going to accept your LinkedIn invitation‘.  The general idea being that random people ask to ‘join my network’ without my knowing anything … Continue reading

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Build your professional confidence in thinking there’s nobody better than you

Here in the U.S. Major League Baseball’s ‘Spring Training’ games have been going on for two weeks and for those of us that love ‘America’s Pastime’ the sights and sounds of spring are inexorably wrapped up with baseball. I had … Continue reading

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A would-have-been great marketing story that wasn’t

I was an adolescent when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon in July of 1969. Consequently I am more than a bit of a space geek and have always felt that NASA for better or worse has … Continue reading

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Another college shooting hits closer to home

I was planning to write about Facebook and why people ‘like’ brands.  But when I woke up this morning I learned of another round of shootings on a U.S. college campus – Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.  Here in … Continue reading

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Russia’s gambit is an opportunity for China and the U.S to get cozier

During the Cold War most Americans viewed the U.S.S.R. and China in a similar vein.  There were memes such as ‘Better Dead than Red’ depicting the ideologies of Socialism and Capitalism as being juxtaposed.   When the Soviet Union dissolved in … Continue reading

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Leaders don’t think about leading

As I sit on a very cramped New Haven line train, I think about what makes a leader.  For whatever reason I had not realized that leaders don’t need to know everything.  I know this because I thought I liked … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire can’t be the best that Amazon can do

Even before I had bought the original Kindle in 2007 (this was pre-iPad days if you’ll recall), I had been a longtime fan of Jeff Bezos and   Back in the 1990’s I bought some stock @ $11/share only … Continue reading

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How online video gamers learn business management skills

I have two grown children – a son who will be 24 next month and a daughter that will be 20 this summer.   Their digital skills as digital natives exceed mine despite my great efforts to keep up with the … Continue reading

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Leadership in business – the fish stinks from the head down

It’s widely held that the best leaders do more than make things work on the bottom line.    There are many examples of successful leaders in terms of contributions to the financial success of their companies or organizations.    Yet we’ve also … Continue reading

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Being habitually late is inconsiderate and rude

You can tell from the headline that this post has great rant potential. You’d be correct. It’s not because someone in particular recently made me wait, stood me up or let me down, or at least not in particular. I … Continue reading

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