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Do Americans really want to Trump-ize their country?

I’ve been ruminating on writing about the phenomenon known as Donald Trump for a couple of months now.   I write about marketing, consumer attitudes and behavior, and technology and its impact on our lives – at least for the most … Continue reading

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Russia’s gambit is an opportunity for China and the U.S to get cozier

During the Cold War most Americans viewed the U.S.S.R. and China in a similar vein.  There were memes such as ‘Better Dead than Red’ depicting the ideologies of Socialism and Capitalism as being juxtaposed.   When the Soviet Union dissolved in … Continue reading

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Dennis Rodman is NOT an American ambassador

While I was in Asia I kept up with the news in the U.S. as best as I could which was really not all that difficult.  The story of former NBA star Dennis Rodman being invited to North Korea to … Continue reading

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American expatriates living in China continue to increase my China learning curve

Today is my last full day in China for this trip.   It’s been a different one than any of my prior trips and I’ve had more alone time on this trip than any trip to China I’ve made before.   I … Continue reading

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What might China have done if the U.S. Election had been delayed one week?

It’s now Wednesday and the day after the U.S. Election and the day before the announcement from China as to who will make up the members and new leadership of the PRC Politburo or standing committee. Barack Obama has been … Continue reading

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