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The 21st Century U.S. Postal Service has not yet arrived

Managing complex print and mail projects was something I did for nearly thirty years. A large aspect of those thirty years was spent figuring out how to minimize the cost of postal mail. On a project-by-project basis postage often was … Continue reading

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Should being the best version of yourself be your ultimate goal?

Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos has been taken to task over a recent article that appeared in the New York Times. A follow up article on August 18th h suggests a brewing debate over work culture. In my view it’s long overdue. The … Continue reading

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Is Amazon too big to care?

The NY Times on Tuesday published an article on Amazon.com and the idea that the company works on ‘disrupting itself’. Scott Galloway of L2 is extensively quoted in the article ‘arguing’ that Amazon does not want to own a piece … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire can’t be the best that Amazon can do

Even before I had bought the original Kindle in 2007 (this was pre-iPad days if you’ll recall), I had been a longtime fan of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com.   Back in the 1990’s I bought some Amazon.com stock @ $11/share only … Continue reading

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A Kindle Fire is cool, an iPad is cooler – an iPadlet could be coolest

When I got my Amazon Kindle over the past holiday season I had my first opportunity to use a tablet for any length of time. I liked the smaller compact size – it fit into my briefcase better than an … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire – remember it’s only 1.0

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos presented the new Amazon Kindle – called ‘Fire’ this past Wednesday in New York. I’ve written much about the Kindle in general and had not planned to write about it particularly since yesterday’s unveiling offered few … Continue reading

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Jack Ma and Alibaba.com are forces to be reckoned with in China

With Chinese President Hu Jintao in the United States this week there was much talk about the state of Sino-U.S. relations. My interest in developing our company’s Chinese business has me keeping a watchful eye for business and marketing news … Continue reading

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The fire went out on my Amazon Kindle – and I’m NOT happy!

As an early adopter (November 2007) of the Kindle I have been a rather ardent fan of what could now be considered the forerunner of e-readers. I recently downloaded several titles that I wanted to read. I opened my Kindle … Continue reading

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