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Marketing Chinese companies in the U.S. is DOA – dud on arrival

  Back in 2009 the concept of our assisting Chinese companies that wish to gain customers and brand awareness for their products in the United States marketplace sounded both interesting and possibly fruitful. Longtime readers of this blog may have … Continue reading

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How Americans and Chinese are alike – and then they’re not

I recently heard some Chinese colleagues of mine on a trip to the U.S. mention how geographically big are the United States. For instance trips between U.S. cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles require long car rides (when not … Continue reading

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Jack Ma and Alibaba.com are forces to be reckoned with in China

With Chinese President Hu Jintao in the United States this week there was much talk about the state of Sino-U.S. relations. My interest in developing our company’s Chinese business has me keeping a watchful eye for business and marketing news … Continue reading

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Heading to China to see what I can see

Some time ago I posted that I wanted our company to be more global in scope – http://wp.me/pJX7l-Q. This afternoon I leave on an 8 day trip to China to meet people and learn a great many things about how … Continue reading

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