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Laurene Powell Jobs should write about living with a modern day Newton

Now that I have finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs I have to admit that I wish I’d met the man – something I had never felt was all that important before I read the book. What I’d also … Continue reading

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Extraordinary people – being a disrupter and visionary often goes with being a social misfit

I’m 2/3 of the way through Walter Isaacson’s excellent biography of Steve Jobs. Most people that know even a little about Steve Jobs know that he was not only a brilliant marketer and visionary when it came to delivering what … Continue reading

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A Kindle Fire is cool, an iPad is cooler – an iPadlet could be coolest

When I got my Amazon Kindle over the past holiday season I had my first opportunity to use a tablet for any length of time. I liked the smaller compact size – it fit into my briefcase better than an … Continue reading

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Apple’s not new iPhone – Tim Cook drops a dud

Steve Jobs has ceded his CEO status to Timothy D. Cook. Apple aficionados (I do not count myself among them) were more than eagerly awaiting what they thought would be another watershed event – the unveiling of the iPhone 5. … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs has also changed video games forever

I try to follow the developments in the videogame industry since my son is finishing up his course work to become a video game developer and designer. Much of the talk of the past week (aside from hurricanes) was about … Continue reading

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The CES – Consumer Electronics Show – I am not going – are you?

Every year in January the CES takes place in Las Vegas. This year there is buzz about tablet PCs (more than 50 will be on display), television apps, 3D TV apps and accessories, computer printers (HP apparently has a really … Continue reading

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Good Apple/Bad Apple

It is said that revolutions happen one moment at a time. Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. have been consistently gone against the grain and in so doing created a company and I daresay even a movement counterculture based on the … Continue reading

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