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In ten words or less – the 24 books I finished in 2015

I saw that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly pledged in 2015 to read two books per month. Well in 2014 I did that and once again in 2015. Mr. Zuckerberg is still winning overall. There are times when trying to … Continue reading

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A real revenue model for Foursquare

Four years ago I signed up (it did not feel like joining) for Foursquare.  There’s still value in checking into various places – $5 off, a free appetizer, or some other special (free drink etc.) that might be offered upon … Continue reading

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Monthly subscription music services – WINNER!

I am not necessarily proud to admit this but although I have had an iPod for many years, I have never purchased any music in the iTunes library.   I just had the feeling that it was not something that I … Continue reading

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Zynga did not lose as much money last quarter as forecast – Oh boy!

I admit I am far from being qualified to understand the proceedings on Wall Street. Tuesday afternoon online gaming platform Zynga ‘reported a fourth-quarter loss of $48.6 million, or 6 cents a share, on sales of $311 million. The “adjusted” … Continue reading

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Annoying Automated Algorithmic ‘Suggestions’

I’m not sure if was the first company to offer crowd-sourced algorithmic suggestions of books I might like to read based on my browsing and buying history but certainly Amazon was one of the first.  I’ve written about this … Continue reading

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At all costs avoid the ‘endless feedback loop of you’

I wrote a post recently about serial cookie deleters in relation to online tracking One of the sources I cited was Jeffrey Rosen’s Sunday NY Times article “Who do they think you are”  . I also noted a line in … Continue reading

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Is video making people dumber?

Parents often complain that the attention span of their children is shorter than ever. With the explosion of internet video that trend is working its way through people of all ages. Is video making Americans dumber? By some accounts the … Continue reading

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