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Will consumers accept retail credit card surcharges?

Last week I read an article in the December 19th issue of The New York Times describing how credit card companies like American Express, Master Card and Visa are considering altering policies that disallow retailers the ability to charge consumers … Continue reading

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At all costs avoid the ‘endless feedback loop of you’

I wrote a post recently about serial cookie deleters in relation to online tracking http://wp.me/pn6jX-Iw. One of the sources I cited was Jeffrey Rosen’s Sunday NY Times article “Who do they think you are”  . I also noted a line in … Continue reading

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You can’t have a signed copy of an e-book

I received a nice gift from a good friend and associate last week. It was a signed copy of restaurateur Danny Meyer’s 2006 book ‘Setting the Table’ (very good book too). I didn’t know it was signed until I opened … Continue reading

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