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U.S. Healthcare begins to go back to go forward – the return of the house call

As an agency working in a variety of aspects and segments of healthcare marketing, our team has acquired a broad view of healthcare marketing. One trend that seems clear is that with the continued growth of healthcare EHR (electronic health … Continue reading

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The DMV is still where you’d rather not be

As the nation that invented the driving of automobiles, any licensed driver feels a chill go up his or her spine when they have to consider a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.   I’ve been going there now for … Continue reading

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What Cable TV companies can do with triple play subscriptions will freak you out

While we wait for the Comcast/Time Warner deal to happen (or not) the ongoing discussion as to the future of ‘cable TV’ providers (a misnomer to be sure) presents marketers with some interesting opportunities. The advent of ‘triple play’ options … Continue reading

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Acxiom – a huge data marketing company that knows things about you

  Having been in the direct marketing business for much of my career I have been familiar with Little Rock, Arkansas-based Acxiom including yesterday when he formally introduced an Acxiom website that offers consumers the chance to review some of … Continue reading

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Annoying Automated Algorithmic ‘Suggestions’

I’m not sure if was the first company to offer crowd-sourced algorithmic suggestions of books I might like to read based on my browsing and buying history but certainly Amazon was one of the first.  I’ve written about this … Continue reading

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At all costs avoid the ‘endless feedback loop of you’

I wrote a post recently about serial cookie deleters in relation to online tracking One of the sources I cited was Jeffrey Rosen’s Sunday NY Times article “Who do they think you are”  . I also noted a line in … Continue reading

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Will Serial cookie deleters change online tracking for the better?

Last week I had lunch with a friend who I met through business. He runs a very good company that helps other companies manage and leverage their data as well as aggregate outside data to help make accurate real-time marketing … Continue reading

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