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At all costs avoid the ‘endless feedback loop of you’

I wrote a post recently about serial cookie deleters in relation to online tracking http://wp.me/pn6jX-Iw. One of the sources I cited was Jeffrey Rosen’s Sunday NY Times article “Who do they think you are”  . I also noted a line in … Continue reading

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Watching The U.S. Election Coverage was not a great viewer experience

I did not think that I would have any more to write regarding this week’s election once I sat down to watch the election returns Tuesday night. I always have enjoyed watching the Election Day returns. On Tuesday evening I … Continue reading

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Today’s TV newscasters – watch them while they last

With Katie Couric’s departure from CBS News I find it increasingly difficult to remember who the evening anchors are on the national news networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC). Last night I saw a promotion in the New York market … Continue reading

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