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Binge watching makes me wonder how people find time to watch all these great shows

The blurb from http://www.gawker.com asks the following question –  Did you watch all of the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards this weekend? Good. So did I. Let’s talk. Spoilers ahead.  I’ve not watched House of Cards yet.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Google Chromecast – a wicked right cross to the cable TV industry or a patsy?

When I saw the news last week announcing Google Chromecast’s new plug in wi-fi device the first thing I thought was ‘Could a $35 device really hurt the cable TV industry?’.   Reading @jeffjarvis excellent post http://buzzmachine.com/2013/07/24/googles-tv/  from last week apparently … Continue reading

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Having both a digital AND print subscription is best for readers

Enjoy it while you still can since the days of offering a print and digital subscription for the same price are numbered. The main reason is of course that the print subscription is so much more costly to print and … Continue reading

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Procter and Gamble says no to streaming video

This week Procter & Gamble announced http://bit.ly/I262sG that it would ban employee access to Netflix and Pandora in order to save bandwith at the company headquarters in Cincinnati. My first reaction was that banning internet site access never seems to … Continue reading

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Netflix shows how to kill the Golden Goose – and win?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has made a number of really good moves over the past ten years. From knocking out Blockbuster (and nearly every other brick and mortar video store) to becoming THE default source for movie rentals, Netflix parlayed … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Tablet – I think I may try it

I don’t consider myself a technology nut although there are those that might disagree. For instance I do not own an iPhone (although I am moving closer to breaking down each and every day), nor an iPad. Actually I don’t … Continue reading

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Why are people still flocking to movie theaters?

If you’re like me you have well over 100 television channels available to watch at home whether you are a cable or satellite TV customer. Yet I find it remarkable that more often than not it’s difficult to find something … Continue reading

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