Amazon’s Tablet – I think I may try it

I don’t consider myself a technology nut although there are those that might disagree. For instance I do not own an iPhone (although I am moving closer to breaking down each and every day), nor an iPad. Actually I don’t even own a tablet computer at all. My now ancient Blackberry Storm 2 (no longer produced by Research in Motion) has slow and at best adequate internet access and I primarily use it as an email platform since there are so few apps made for the BB Storm.

But Amazon’s impending release of its 7 inch tablet has me intrigued. First the suggested retail price is more compelling than an iPad – $ 250 for Amazon’s yet-to-be-named tablet (although rumor has it they are going to name it – the Kindle) vs. $ 400 or more for an iPad 2. Second the 7 inch color screen is attractive to me since I have always found the iPad’s larger size (10 inch touch screen) be a detriment and not an asset. Don’t get me wrong – the iPad is an amazing piece of technology but if I really want something to supplement and not yet replace my laptop it should be smaller and more portable. wrote about this last week –

I still own and use an original Amazon Kindle – actually that’s not exactly true. It took three times for Amazon to get me a Kindle that worked correctly but they did that and at Amazon’s cost each time. I’ve been using my current (or re-furbished I assume) Kindle since 2008. While many new e-Readers have come into the market the original Amazon Kindle remains a useful and good working piece of technology.

For that reason I am likely to give the new Amazon tablet (er..Kindle?), a chance. I also like the ideas being tossed around regarding an annual subscription-based (think Netflix for books) library to ‘rent’ certain e-books on Amazon.

There’s no word yet on what the connection charges might be. The current Amazon Kindle’s internet access operates on the Amazon ‘Whispernet’, which is free, but I have serious doubts that the new tablet will handle internet access in the same fashion.

I’ve waited a long time to get a tablet. The iPad did not seem to be right for my needs. But perhaps the waiting is going to have been worthwhile. Here’s hoping.

Do you have a tablet computer? Did it replace your laptop such that you will never use a laptop again?

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3 Responses to Amazon’s Tablet – I think I may try it

  1. Pete says:

    I am still waiting. I was too late to pick up the HP touchpad for $100 (that is what a tablet is worth to me).

    My wife loves her Kindle, if they have a book subscription service (like I use with Rhapsody for music) then I would probably jump on this one and actually pay instead of using the local library. I guess it will all depend on how big the selection is for the this alleged offering.


  2. Tom says:

    I have also been watching and waiting for the Amazon tablet, as somehow I feel resistant to the Apple “empire”. Android seems like a much better solution and Amazon is willing to sell it hardware below cost. I hope it lives up to its hype. I will look forward to your review!


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