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Ready? Your Healthcare provider will be contacting you MUCH more often

Let me start by noting that I am excited and in favor of the use of telemedicine. The expectation is the delivery of timely and accurate care. As co-owner of a small business I am faced with the same healthcare … Continue reading

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Technology gifts that have changed my life

A high school friend who I’ve not seen in several years posted on social media about a new Fit Bit she received as a holiday gift. My wife and I like to give Fit Bits as gifts because I believe … Continue reading

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What if accessing the Web was completely a VR experience?

Since the dawn of the Internet era (a keyboard and a screen), users have had to stare at a screen and enter by way of typing or voice, commands that direct the user to the desired destination. It’s worked out … Continue reading

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Mobile technology continues to flatten the world

Have you ever met a billionaire? I have met a few and in somewhat casual circumstances. No I am not ‘good buddies’ with any of them nor will I ever be. I’m here to let you know that the billionaires … Continue reading

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U.S. luxury retailers want to go out for Chinese

This past Tuesday morning I attended an interesting session at the SUNY Confucius Institute for Business in midtown Manhattan. I was invited by my friend and colleague Michael Zakkour of Tompkins International (who is co-author of the 2014 book China’s … Continue reading

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Sharing customer data with third parties –companies should think about it

I received the following email from Pinterest this past Monday – Hi there, Soon, we’ll launch buyable Pins to U.S. Pinners on iPhone and iPad. Today, we’re rolling out a few updates to our Privacy Policy to help you understand … Continue reading

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Don’t think millennials watch TV commercials? Think again

Are millennials watching television commercials?  My informal survey of millennials (a small sample of less than 10) provided a takeaway that millennials DO watch television commercials.  Sort of.  As we know millennials are the ultimate mult-taskers.  Texting, tweeting, and many … Continue reading

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