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1111 – Is it Singles Day again already?

Watching a secondary holiday having been ‘born’ is seldom compelling. Most of the holidays on the U.S. calendar were created before I was born. I know there’s a Grandparent’s Day (I had no idea when and looked it up – … Continue reading

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What if accessing the Web was completely a VR experience?

Since the dawn of the Internet era (a keyboard and a screen), users have had to stare at a screen and enter by way of typing or voice, commands that direct the user to the desired destination. It’s worked out … Continue reading

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Alibaba’s U.S. based online shops site hangs in there. Why?

Not only do I have deep interest in all things Chinese, (or at least a lot of things Chinese) I also have a soft spot for a once and former client My experience with Alibaba was in helping them … Continue reading

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Five reasons people hate going to stores

Soon we will reminisce on when people used to actually go into retail stores.  It wasn’t all that long ago.  It even feels like it was only yesterday.   The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday had a story entitled ‘Shoppers are … Continue reading

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