What if accessing the Web was completely a VR experience?

minority_report_intelligent_billboardsSince the dawn of the Internet era (a keyboard and a screen), users have had to stare at a screen and enter by way of typing or voice, commands that direct the user to the desired destination.

It’s worked out well and today with the increased focus on the mobile web, economy of action to ‘do stuff’ on the web has become ever more important.

Well then why only a screen-based and type or speech based interface? Just because it’s the legacy of interfaces created long ago? What if it were completely different?

The Internet as a VR experience would be a sea change from what users today.

For example: Let’s say you wanted to go shopping for clothes. In a VR experience you call for the retailer and a VR assistant (hologram) pops up in your living room and invites you into the virtual store. A door opens and you ‘step’ inside. “What are you looking for today” asks the VR assistant/guide. Red V-neck sweaters. Immediately holographic selection of red V-neck sweaters appears and you can easily choose ones to look at more closely and in fact even virtually try them on to see how they will look on you.

This does mean you would ‘wear’ some sort of technological interface (helmet, glasses etc) and have enough ‘space’ to move around a bit. The sensation of walking will occur in VR is a solvable problem. Once you have decided upon your purchase the VR assistants asks if you will pay with your normal Internet Wallet card (Amex/Visa/ or MC most likely will still carry forth), and once agreed to, the product gets sent to you to arrive the same day (if Mr. Bezos of Amazon is able to deliver on this future).

The VR web will help you find information, places to eat or visit on vacation with the ability for you to virtually walk through the restaurant or take a walk down the center of Dubrovnik (which I liked very much visiting in person) or wherever you may be considering traveling. And while I feel there will be amazing utility in the utilization of the virtual web it in no way truly replaces being there in person. Nor should it and I’ve written about that before.

Do you have ideas on how the web VR experience might manifest itself?

I’d love to start a discussion here.

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