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Regional accents and behaviors are declining in the U.S

I recently returned from an annual trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to play golf with what are now friends for more than 20 years. Obviously the South is very different from the Northeast. To add to that I am … Continue reading

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Continuity direct marketing in E-books – the song remains the same

For a good portion of my professional career I was involved with continuity direct marketing.   We did work for record clubs like Bertelsmann (and Columbia House) and book clubs like Book of the Month Club.   I learned a great deal … Continue reading

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Are you ready to blame 2014’s winter weather for making business tougher?

My informal poll of some of our clients and associates paints a very different business picture than the rosy one on Wall Street.  This past Friday the Dow closed at its highest level for 2014 – so far.   Yet what … Continue reading

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The last days of cash?

There has been much talk over the years about the irrelevancy of the U.S. penny. The report in 2012 from Bloomberg was that it actually costs 2 cents to make one penny.  With a nickel it’s just as bad – … Continue reading

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Remember when Jet Blue wasn’t just another airline?

It doesn’t make sense to get mad at any particular airline anymore.   To declare ‘I’ll never fly that **!!ing airline again” is counterproductive since the alternative is likely  an airline with higher fares and zero service differentiation.   Sure there are … Continue reading

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Will consumers accept retail credit card surcharges?

Last week I read an article in the December 19th issue of The New York Times describing how credit card companies like American Express, Master Card and Visa are considering altering policies that disallow retailers the ability to charge consumers … Continue reading

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