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Flying without Free Wi-Fi isn’t as fun

Last Friday I flew on Delta to Florida and back up on Southwest Sunday morning. Neither plane had a video screen, both had an option to purchase Wi-Fi for the flight. Neither airline made me happy. I do appreciate the … Continue reading

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Remember when Jet Blue wasn’t just another airline?

It doesn’t make sense to get mad at any particular airline anymore.   To declare ‘I’ll never fly that **!!ing airline again” is counterproductive since the alternative is likely  an airline with higher fares and zero service differentiation.   Sure there are … Continue reading

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Will the Chilean miners now face an even greater challenge?

Now that the 33 men trapped in a mine in San Jose, Chile for 69 days have been rescued the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief. I watched much of the rescue yesterday both at my hotel and … Continue reading

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Has the travel pendulum swung too far the other way?

I’ve been on the road more than ever over the last 2 months. Having the opportunity to travel both internationally as well as domestically so much in a relatively short period I am in tune with the way the airlines, … Continue reading

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Former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater is no kind of hero

Jet Blue got unlucky in having a long time employee snap on a flight earlier this week. Compelling story? Well it is an unusual that’s for sure. In fact Mr. Slater is ‘overwhelmed’ by the attention – http://nyti.ms/c1XE8M. In the … Continue reading

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