Former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater is no kind of hero

Jet Blue got unlucky in having a long time employee snap on a flight earlier this week. Compelling story? Well it is an unusual that’s for sure. In fact Mr. Slater is ‘overwhelmed’ by the attention – In the words of the sage Bugs Bunny – ‘What a maroon’.

In claiming that he had been thinking about doing something like this for 20 years Mr. Slater did not do anything that many people think about from time to time. The difference is most people (thank fully) don’t act on it. Jet Blue’s brand has to take a bit of a hit here and they’ve worked hard to repair the damage done several years ago when a Jet Blue plane sat on a tarmac for umpteen hours leading to regulations being put in place in the form of a passenger bill of rights. I guess that did not cover crazy flight attendants (they took a hit here too by association).

I’ve been reading about people that are applauding Mr. Slater’s actions as representative of how they feel deep down inside. The ‘I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore’ angle. C’mon people – really? Mr. Slater is nothing more than the idiot that runs onto the baseball field during a game and is tackled by security guards and taken off to jail. For more than 20 years television coverage will not show an idiot running onto the field so as to not encourage this kind of behavior.

So the T.V. movie is no doubt being put into creative production and the scene in which Mr. Slater grabs a couple of beers and heads down the slide, (deployment of the emergency slide that thankfully did not hurt anyone on the ground when launched unexpectedly) will I assume be the highlight.

Maybe Mr. Slater will get a shot on a reality show. And appearances on Letterman, Leno and wherever else would seemingly be in the cards. But I truly hope this guy gets ignored and goes back into the hole from which he came. Will other flight attendants or disgruntled workers try to outdo this kind of stunt in some way? Count on it.

Steve Slater is no working man or woman’s hero. He’s just a moron that had a bad day and made a big scene. He should have 15 seconds not 15 minutes.

Maybe you don’t feel that way?

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1 Response to Former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater is no kind of hero

  1. Tom says:

    The focus should not be on Slater but on the woman passenger who supposedly, wouldn’t get back to her seat, cursed him and then hit him on the head with her luggage without apologizing.

    We have all seen these type of people who have no regard for anyone else but themselves. Perhaps next time the other passengers will give their selfish fellow traveler a verbal slap down for such behavior.


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