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Personal recommendations have greater risk than reward

Most businesspeople agree that referrals and recommendations are the best way to grow your professional network, reputation, and career. Personally I am always flattered when I receive a referral or recommendation from someone I know and respect. And then I … Continue reading

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Social media can and does provide users with true utility in the real world

When people think about all those lost hours on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social network do they think about the true utility or value in passing time engaging on these networks? The answer is a … Continue reading

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A real revenue model for Foursquare

Four years ago I signed up (it did not feel like joining) for Foursquare.  There’s still value in checking into various places – $5 off, a free appetizer, or some other special (free drink etc.) that might be offered upon … Continue reading

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5 ways you should maximize your opportunities – start by connecting the dots

From the time I was very young I enjoyed playing connect the dots.   It is such a simple concept.   Connect the random dots of similar sizes and the shape of something familiar is revealed.   While some connect-the-dot layouts are more … Continue reading

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WeChat – the best voice texting application I’ve seen but can it make it in the U.S.?

My Mandarin teacher first introduced me to WeChat last year.    In China it is known as Wei Xin from Shenzhen based QQ.  Wei Xin or WeChat has many similarities to another more well known texting app called WhatsApp which is becoming … Continue reading

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What next for Foursquare?

I was a fairly early adopter of Foursquare having joined up in March of 2010. I was particularly interested in how people might use the platform with check-ins and how Foursquare might monetize the platform. Nearly three years later I … Continue reading

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Three things I’ve already learned while not running a company

Note:  This post first appeared in December on the business blog.   It’s been six months since my former company began the process of dissolution. While the fallout will have an impact on my former employees, production providers, me … Continue reading

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A few surefire ways to abuse social media

Like so many things in the world when it comes to social media there’s a definite etiquette that has existed and continues to evolve. I myself – an active user and marketer of social media – am very aware of … Continue reading

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