Is buying a 3DTV worthwhile?

We have what at the time was a state-of-the art (back in 2001) Sony 42 inch flat screen television. It is a complete monster – heavy, non-internet enabled and with no HDMI cables. The picture quality remains very good (to my eyes at least), but it is not the television of the future for my family or anyone else for that matter. The amazing thing is what we paid for it back in 2001 – $4,000 installed. It seemed so important at the time. Now it seems to have been overkill even if we’ve gotten more than 12 years out of it. And a larger, less-heavy (by a long way) and better resolution HDTV can be purchased for almost $3,000 less today.

Because we are doing some redecorating we need to move the television (in our new, smaller house) onto the wall as it currently is standing on a display case. It makes no sense to us to attempt to mount the ‘monster’ on the wall when it does not meet our current or future needs. Consequently we’re in the market for a new flat screen television.

In terms of watching television in 3D – I’ve never done that. In fact the only 3D ‘experience’ I’ve ever had was with Avatar which I saw in 3D (not IMAX however) in a movie theater. I enjoyed that experience but it did not exactly make me eager to run and see another movie in 3D.

I suspect that I am in good company when I note that wearing 3D glasses detracts from any movie or television watching experience. Maybe if I were watching alone it would not be as bad but the actual wearing of the glasses is a hassle.

So why would we be interested in a 3DTV? It’s not as if there’s ‘oodles’ of programming in 3D. I have often read that ‘next year’ will be the year of 3DTV. That is reminiscent of the constant chatter that ‘this will be the year for mobile communication’. The problem is that we’ve been reading and hearing about this being the year of mobile for about 4 years. It’s only now that it might actually be true in mobile. I think it could be three or four years before 3DTV has enough programming to make it worth considering.

It seems to me that 120Hz vs. 240Hz is more indicative of the choice we need to consider than 3DTV. 50 inches or something close to that seems appropriate as far as screen size goes. And it has to be fully internet capable with LCD technology.

Which brand will we buy? That’s another story but like most Americans we are looking at a budget and then evaluating the options that are contained within that budget.

If you have any suggestions please share!

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4 Responses to Is buying a 3DTV worthwhile?

  1. sandy says:


    I feel the same as you about 3d and in fact wearing the glasses is weird and also I don’t feel well when watching 3d. Depending on the angle and light in the room should determine if you want plasma, LDC or LED. I would highly recommend getting a tv that you can use on the internet especially if you like to stream movies. The Samsung LED in my opinion have the best picture. I can get you the model number as the pictures of all Samsungs like any other brand are not the same.


  2. Roy Kamen says:

    I didn’t think I’d like 3d tv until I saw it at a friend’s house. Simply amazing! It is a game changer in my opinion. I saw a 72" 3dhdtv on qvc for $1500. Excuse me? And the 3d blue ray DVD player was $99. What is this world coming to? I want my 3dhdtv!


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