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If you want to work with or for a company try asking them

Throughout my professional career much of my most important work has been done in winning engagements with clients. Yep, I am and always will be a sales guy. Did a chill just go up your spine? “Being in sales is … Continue reading

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Apple Watch is an interruptive device

Last week I ranted about unwanted LinkedIn invitations. I had a few interesting conversations with readers. So now I turn my sights on the Apple Watch, which has been around for nearly two years. I know quite a few people … Continue reading

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SO busy. Dropping in just doesn’t work any more

It’s gotten to the point where less and less frequently I call someone without arranging it beforehand. Do you schedule your calls with clients and prospects too? That happens with face-to-face appointments now almost exclusively. A far cry different from … Continue reading

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Four years after my career upheaval I am still standing

In some ways the summer of 2012 seems like more than four years ago. In July of that summer I was…Forced? Compelled? Convinced? whatever you want to call it, to end the operations of my former business that had been … Continue reading

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Should being the best version of yourself be your ultimate goal?’s Jeff Bezos has been taken to task over a recent article that appeared in the New York Times. A follow up article on August 18th h suggests a brewing debate over work culture. In my view it’s long overdue. The … Continue reading

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Chipping away at the mountain is the only way sculpt a professional masterpiece

Every day I come to work and I have countless important things to do.  The goals of business success are clear as I have noted in a prior post.   Working day by day the small bits of progress can be … Continue reading

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A year after closing a company – motivation is the word

I honestly thought I’d be even further along.   Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling more frustrated than normal lately.  It’s been almost exactly a year since I felt it necessary to cease operations of my former company.   That time remains … Continue reading

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