A portable professional life after two weeks

Now that road trip #1 has been over for nearly a week and I’m for a month ‘living’ out west 3,250 miles from home base, it’s real. And disrupting. And I love it.

I wake up and a at work early often starting before 6AM PST. Mornings are super-long since I don’t break for lunch until noon local time having cranked out 6 hours already. The afternoons are shorter (with some intent), and it’s mid-afternoon before we have the opportunity to do things we need to do like buy food, run errands and exercise. But already I’m convinced that I will be as or more productive than usual.

Of course in thinking about human behavior, if it’s more productive I not last as I become more familiar with my new day-to-day routine. For now the routine is different what I do normally I am fully practicing the idea of ‘disrupt thyself’.

I find that I am reading more, thinking more, moving more, sleeping more, and commuting less. The roughly three hours per day I commuting mostly by train is pretty easy compared to most but it’s still three hours. As productive as I try to be it’s a significant part of my Monday-Friday so without it feels as if I’ve recovered some time even if I don’t spend it that differently, (thinking, working and reading).

Yet all the above being the case, the way I am interacting with my colleagues, clients and friends is not really different for me. Emails, texts, phone calls, social media posts and replies, all are just the same wherever I am. The idea that my physical location is immaterial is one of the points of the experiment and experience.

I won’t say any more about the weather where I am other than it’s been great and typical of the California desert in winter.

We’ll see how I feel in another two weeks. Will the bloom be off the rose?

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  1. What fun! Check out Rova Magazine (Yes, there’s a magazine for digital nomads). If you come through the Chicago area, look me up!


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