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Do I want to buy a Facebook ‘Portal’ device?

Having a daughter that lives in a city located almost 1,000 miles away is sometimes frustrating. I miss her and wish I could see her and spend time with her more often. And I know I am in good company … Continue reading

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Is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg among the best CEO ‘s in the U.S. today?

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable to consider twenty-something and millennial Mark Zuckerberg in the same vein as Jack Welch. But there I just did it and I think it’s worth consideration. Jack Welch was a terrific … Continue reading

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Gen Y has it tougher than it’s ever been before

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Technology was supposed to make things easier and among other things aid in making twenty-something’s (i.e. Gen Y denizens) achieve more, make more money and contribute faster to society. It could be argued … Continue reading

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Will Instagram be the new Napster?

This past Monday Facebook announced it will pay cash and stock totaling one billion dollars for a company that has no revenue model. Instagram has been around for less than 24 months. It has (reportedly) 30 million users who upload … Continue reading

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Chinese version of Facebook – RenRen is and isn’t for everyone

One of the benefits to my studying Mandarin is recognizing some Chinese words and phrases. This week RenRen http://www.RenRen.com – a Chinese company raised $ 740 million in an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. RenRen in Chinese means … Continue reading

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Online couponing sites are working – but for whom?

Andrew Mason of Groupon http://www.Groupon.com has received admiring and quizzical looks from people when he turned down Google’s offer of $ 6 billion for Groupon last month. It was a bold move in the style of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s … Continue reading

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‘The Social Network’ Movie is not a bad reflection on Mark Zuckerberg

One has to keep in mind that ‘The Social Network’ was only a dramatization. Based on the book – ‘The Accidental Billionaire’ by Ben Mezrich I was led to believe that the movie portrayed founder (or co-founder) Mark Zuckerberg in … Continue reading

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