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AARP – does it have a long-term future?

In April of 2012 I wrote a post on what I felt was the need for AARP to change its messaging and to re-brand. Some of the recent television spots feature AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins in which she promotes AARP … Continue reading

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Just don’t take away my printed Sunday New York Times

As a big fan of digital publishing I read my daily newspapers digitally (The NY Times and Wall Street Journal) – all except for the local newspaper (The Norwalk Hour), which along with a printed New York Times are delivered … Continue reading

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Five reasons a football tailgate is all about social networking

Because I am an American I watch football.  Some days I watch too much football.  Well almost.  Yet like most football watching fans I don’t attend many games in person.  There are obvious reasons for that – expense being a … Continue reading

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Would you be comfortable doing business with your grandfather’s buddy?

While I tend to stick to subjects having to do with brands, marketing and customer and human behavior I am also keenly interested in human behavior. The world is a fast changing place and human behavior in the industrialized world … Continue reading

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I’m done with Multi-vitamins

I like to think of myself as an evidenced-based person.     For most of my life) I have taken a daily multi-vitamin going back to One-A-Day and probably even trying a Flintstone multi-vitamin along the way (that my Mom bought of … Continue reading

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Being a member of AARP – it’s not what you think

Since I am old enough to be a card-carrying member of AARP I am also old enough to remember what the acronym stood for – American Association of Retired Persons. In 1999 AARP ‘officially’ changed its name to “AARP” – … Continue reading

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