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Boomer and Gen X parents contributed to the disaffection of working Millennials

You hear it all the time from experienced professionals both baby boomers and Gen Xrs – Millennials have way too much of sense of entitlement, lack a work ethic, expect rewards for what might be seen as just doing their … Continue reading

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Would you be comfortable doing business with your grandfather’s buddy?

While I tend to stick to subjects having to do with brands, marketing and customer and human behavior I am also keenly interested in human behavior. The world is a fast changing place and human behavior in the industrialized world … Continue reading

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Don’t telephone Millennials and they won’t call you either

Writer Joel Stein’s recent article in Time Magazine entitled ‘The Me Me Me Generation’ was well-written if not incomplete.  We’ve all seen examples of narcissistic teens and twenty-somethings but as a generational group they hardly are unique as I’ve seen many … Continue reading

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