Is Samsung on the comeback trail?

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-versus-iPhone-6Working in an office ruled by Macs and firmly entrenched in an Apple driven world (hey I even work in the Big Apple regularly), when it comes to my smartphone I have resisted the move to be all Apple all the time and have a Samsung S4. An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal noted that with the release of the Samsung S6 the company is ready to make amends for its misstep in releasing the S5.

When I bought my S4 in March 2014 I was given the option to upgrade to the S5 when it was to be released (which was only a week or two away). I passed on the opportunity and from what I can tell that was a very good call as there’s been very little positively written with regard to the Samsung S5.

Not all that long ago Samsung was the #1 smartphone in the world. Much of the sales came from outside the United States. Over the past few years Apple has continued to gain market share while China based upstart Xiaomi has skyrocketed to a strong market share. In their collective wake you will find HTC, ZTE, and Amazon’s Fire phone (remember that one?).

Why have I foregone the move to an iPhone? Not because it’s not a great piece of technology. It’s being a fish in a fishbowl worry that concerns me. If you don’t experience other technology you have no idea about what other options might be. The Android platform is a very good platform and integrates well with Google (maybe even better than Apple). If it’s all Apple all the time I might never get out of the fishbowl and that would be bad for having a more well-rounded user view of how the world is outside of Apple.

It’s also interesting to me that Samsung’s S6 is being released the same week as the Apple Watch. Is it coincidental? Do you think Samsung is on the comeback trail?

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3 Responses to Is Samsung on the comeback trail?

  1. Pete says:

    Although an “android guy” I am have never owned a Samsung Phone. My wife got an S4 a few months ago and it seems a good phone. She also has a Galaxy tab 4-10, also seems to be a good product. I tease the fan boys, but the Apple products I have (mac pro and iPad mini) are good, I just prefer the android because I can customize it. I have always preferred the motorola versions, I just traded in my Droid Razr Maxx HD for a Droid Turbo (Battery life a big deal for me, I get over 3 days per charge in moderate use) and am happy with it. I still have the original Nexus 7, which is certainly getting long in the tooth (and can be slow). The issue now is that all the “innovations” are fairly gadgety (not my thing), the big changes (at least for now) are absent and it is all about the “marketing” as opposed to real added value. I am not sure Samsung or anyone else will make a big dent until something new that is important comes along, i don’t see it right now.


    • markkolier says:

      Thanks for your always thoughtful comment Pete. I think we’ve have had similar experiences with Android and Samsung and I generally agree that there’s nothing new under the sun. But the question of Samsung’s long term viability is interesting given the fact that it’s a huge player and its overall market (well formerly huge) size. So I ask – do you think Samsung will survive or are they on the Blackberry path of being pushed off to the side?


      • Pete says:

        I don’t think there is much to relate to blackberry here.
        – They have a much larger business (conglomerate) than just phones.
        – Blackberry failed because their fundamentals (the blackberry OS) fell out of favor, Samsung could easily switch to any new OS or “thing” that pops up.
        – Phones are becoming more commoditized, they are in better position than most to move to that kind of thinking and production.

        Blackberry fell off the horse and got hurt, Samsung got a bruise bouncing in the saddle.

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