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What’s behind the cyber Monday print ads for Omaha Steaks?

  Today is ‘Cyber Monday’ the Monday after the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday and stories abound from the start of the shopping weekend kicked off by ‘Black Friday’. Of course as everyone now knows the sales began on Thanksgiving evening itself. … Continue reading

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The television upfront buying season – the casino is now open

Various articles regarding this week’s television upfront buying have highlighted rising ad rates. The Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/JAMUAg noted that this week’s annual ‘upfronts’ are kicking into high gear. David Carr in the New York Times http://nyti.ms/JJWaAJ wrote about the … Continue reading

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Foursquare continues to be more than public check-ins

I’ve said for a long time that Foursquare’s location based platform originally based on user check-in’s, is one of the most interesting social media applications around. An article in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/IT3IVJ did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. … Continue reading

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How far the mighty have fallen – American Airlines is now an acquisition target

The last of the major airlines to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy, American Airlines is reportedly http://nyti.ms/yKLPAc on Delta Air Lines/TPG Capital’s radar for acquisition. In case you are not aware Delta Airlines is now the world’s largest airline. US Airways … Continue reading

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QR codes will die soon – Here come ‘Near Field Communications’ (NFC)

I have made no secret of my disaffection with QR (Quick Response) Codes. You know them as the funny looking little square that you’ve noticed popping up in advertisements in print, billboards, the web and even on television. Although the … Continue reading

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Google+ offers more pluses than minuses

Although I was not a charter invitee to the Google+ trial universe I have been playing around with it now for about a week. Google+ is throwing the gauntlet down at Facebook offering its version of a social network. It’s … Continue reading

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Are you ready for the imminent demise of incandescent light bulbs?

If you had not yet heard starting in January of 2012, light bulbs have to be at least 25% more efficient than the ones we’ve been using for years invented by Thomas Edison way back in 1879. Bulbs that have … Continue reading

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4 things I learned on my trip to Shenzhen, China that I did not know before

Now that I am back in the good ‘ol USA after a 22 hour travel from my Shenzhen hotel back to my office, I can reflect a bit on my latest trip to the Middle Kingdom. This trip far exceeded … Continue reading

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Why not a free Amazon Kindle?

As a sometime frustrated original Kindle owner (mainly due to the fact that they have never reached out to me since I paid the $ 399 for the now dinosaur-like 1st edition) ,the news this week http://on.wsj.com/i9NHe2 that Amazon has … Continue reading

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Social Security – are you counting on it?

An article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal highlighted http://on.wsj.com/hW9aGd something I (and many people like me) have been thinking for a long time. Although we’ve been paying into the Social Security program for more than 30 years (hey we … Continue reading

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