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Fitness apps and 10,000 steps a day

A week ago I traded in my old Motorola Droid Razr and picked up (at Costco believe it or not which has great prices on non-iPhones) a Samsung Galaxy S4.  For a number of reasons it feels as if I … Continue reading

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Binge watching makes me wonder how people find time to watch all these great shows

The blurb from asks the following question –  Did you watch all of the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards this weekend? Good. So did I. Let’s talk. Spoilers ahead.  I’ve not watched House of Cards yet.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Monthly subscription music services – WINNER!

I am not necessarily proud to admit this but although I have had an iPod for many years, I have never purchased any music in the iTunes library.   I just had the feeling that it was not something that I … Continue reading

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Remember when Jet Blue wasn’t just another airline?

It doesn’t make sense to get mad at any particular airline anymore.   To declare ‘I’ll never fly that **!!ing airline again” is counterproductive since the alternative is likely  an airline with higher fares and zero service differentiation.   Sure there are … Continue reading

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Will consumers accept retail credit card surcharges?

Last week I read an article in the December 19th issue of The New York Times describing how credit card companies like American Express, Master Card and Visa are considering altering policies that disallow retailers the ability to charge consumers … Continue reading

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Renting a truck for the day hasn’t changed in forty years and that’s ok for now

We rented a truck yesterday.   It was a 14 foot truck which is a fairly large truck and is listed as a commercial vehicle.   I don’t have a commercial driver’s license and was not informed by the clerk that I … Continue reading

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The future will include mobile phone usage on planes

With the FAA’s recent decision to approve the use of electronic devices beyond airport gates and tarmacs, the vitriol and outrage against people talking on their mobile devices on planes is deafening.   Let me go on record as not being … Continue reading

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The end of bookstores is NOT at hand

The New York Times story last week regarding bricks and mortar AND online bookstore Barnes and Noble  noted that The nation’s largest bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble said on Tuesday that its revenue decreased 8 percent, to $1.7 billion, in … Continue reading

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When Google drives your car

When I talk with people about the idea of driverless cars – i.e. Google driving you around, most people agree that it could happen in their lifetime.   I laugh a bit and ask if their idea of a lifetime is … Continue reading

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Paying for membership does not create a community

When you become a member of an organization or club you sometimes have to pay for the privilege.   Think of a health club, beach or golf club, or alumni club from your university.  All require payments in order to remain … Continue reading

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