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New from Amazon – WOOT!

Quietly last week on July 12, 2014 began promoting   I know this because I was ‘invited’ to join. Being curious I did just that. The home page offered what I felt was the burning question – ‘WHAT IS … Continue reading

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Are you doing enough to motivate your prospective customers?

I’ve been saying for many years that digital marketing IS direct marketing.  People on mobile devices or desktop and laptop computers are having one-to-one device interactions. Most prospective customers who provide contact information do so in order to receive content, … Continue reading

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The New York Times new Premiere a lesson in how to further fleece its highest paying subscribers

Last week the New York Times announced a newly released feature called Premiere. What really got to me was that the New York Times is planning on charging its print subscribers (we have both a daily print and digital subscription) … Continue reading

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Fitness apps and 10,000 steps a day

A week ago I traded in my old Motorola Droid Razr and picked up (at Costco believe it or not which has great prices on non-iPhones) a Samsung Galaxy S4.  For a number of reasons it feels as if I … Continue reading

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Binge watching makes me wonder how people find time to watch all these great shows

The blurb from asks the following question –  Did you watch all of the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards this weekend? Good. So did I. Let’s talk. Spoilers ahead.  I’ve not watched House of Cards yet.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Monthly subscription music services – WINNER!

I am not necessarily proud to admit this but although I have had an iPod for many years, I have never purchased any music in the iTunes library.   I just had the feeling that it was not something that I … Continue reading

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Remember when Jet Blue wasn’t just another airline?

It doesn’t make sense to get mad at any particular airline anymore.   To declare ‘I’ll never fly that **!!ing airline again” is counterproductive since the alternative is likely  an airline with higher fares and zero service differentiation.   Sure there are … Continue reading

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