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You’re raising a barn on Farmville – nobody cares

With Facebook’s successful IPO this past Friday Zynga (creator of Cityville, Words with Friends, Draw Something, Farmville, Frontierville and other ‘villes) has more motivation than ever to unwean itself from the mother ship that is Facebook since Facebook may come … Continue reading

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Gen Y has it tougher than it’s ever been before

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Technology was supposed to make things easier and among other things aid in making twenty-something’s (i.e. Gen Y denizens) achieve more, make more money and contribute faster to society. It could be argued … Continue reading

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Will Instagram be the new Napster?

This past Monday Facebook announced it will pay cash and stock totaling one billion dollars for a company that has no revenue model. Instagram has been around for less than 24 months. It has (reportedly) 30 million users who upload … Continue reading

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Procter and Gamble says no to streaming video

This week Procter & Gamble announced http://bit.ly/I262sG that it would ban employee access to Netflix and Pandora in order to save bandwith at the company headquarters in Cincinnati. My first reaction was that banning internet site access never seems to … Continue reading

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Real-life social networking – Facebook changes college sorority rush

How do I know this? Our daughter is a freshman and is interested in joining a sorority. She told us that all of the girls that are already in sororities and charged with recruiting incoming freshmen have to deactivate their … Continue reading

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Social media can enhance life – except when it gets out of control

Most people know that Facebook (and vanishing MySpace) were conceived to appeal to college age and even pre-teen and teenagers respectively. It did not quite work out that way. For quite a while now the fastest growing segment of FB … Continue reading

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