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Experienced direct mail professionals should make great internet marketers

I went to see a good friend participate as a panelist at a local direct marketing association HVDMA business lunch today. I was a member of the association for a number of years and generally enjoyed seeing and talking with … Continue reading

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Direct mail grows in defiance of ‘print is dead’

Despite all the talk about marketing via social networks, mobile marketing and digital display, the ‘traditional’ consistently performing channel – good old direct mail – continues to grow. While mass mailings of the 1980’s and 1990’s have diminished (I still … Continue reading

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Promotional and direct mail advertising – only for expensive products and services?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) actually has a magazine it puts out somewhat regularly called Deliver. I don’t know if they give themselves a discount on their periodical rate. Quite often there are articles regarding the viability of mail; … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Tokyo – Part III – Tokyo is no place for direct mail

I remember the first time I went to Tokyo in 2000.  The area in which my friends were living was very chic and filled with westerners.  Where my friends live now (they have moved around several times) is also a … Continue reading

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