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Interesting idea from Steve Wozniak on Apple and Android together?

I posted this week that I was looking for help in determining which smartphone to get –  Apparently Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was one or two steps ahead of me.  No surprise.   From an article in Wired: reading

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Regulating personal drones – will they become the property of the FAA?

Ever since I saw the piece on CBS 60 Minutes last month where Amazon’s Jeff Bezos coyly introduced a product not quite ready for prime time – the Delivery Drone, I’ve again been thinking about personal drones.  A January 2nd, … Continue reading

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Opposing Forces

Opposing Forces.   Thoughtful post from my partner @ocddavid

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CNN’s Headline News and Robin Meade – a bright spot wherever Americans Travel

Since I have been back on the road lately I’ve had occasion to spend a number of nights in hotels.   Unlike what I do when I am home, whenever I travel, when I wake up I seem to always be … Continue reading

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Leaders don’t think about leading

As I sit on a very cramped New Haven line train, I think about what makes a leader.  For whatever reason I had not realized that leaders don’t need to know everything.  I know this because I thought I liked … Continue reading

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The Las Vegas brand in one word – FUN!

Until this week I hadn’t been in Las Vegas for almost five years. I’m here for a client franchise convention and while I like to sit and play a little blackjack and even stand at a crap table for a … Continue reading

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A Disturbing Trend

A Disturbing Trend.

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Will you miss getting behind the wheel of an automobile?

I’ve made the observation that China is an entire country learning to drive at the same time.  This is in contrast to people like me who had their learner’s permit at age 16 and their driver’s license shortly thereafter.     As … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Coming Of Age?

Originally posted on Diary Of A Media Man:
This week was a very tough week for many Americans and particularly for Bostonians.  What should have been an annual festive sporting event turned into a nightmare. This post is not about…

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Mobile users are more than ready for a better experience

This week in particular there have been a host of articles regarding mobile marketing and what I found are very compelling (as well as disturbing) statistics. An article in Mobile Marketer noted that 76% of users want to find … Continue reading

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