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Digital Media Lacks Accountability

Really right on post from my partner..   Digital Media Lacks Accountability.

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QR codes live on in infamy

Back in 2011 I wrote a post entitled ‘QR codes will die soon – Here comes ‘Near Field Communications’ (NFC)”.  Well more than three years later, not unlike the great Mark Twain, rumors of the demise of QR codes were … Continue reading

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Apple’s arrogance drove me to stay with Android

If you are familiar with a recent post where I asked people to help me decide which new phone to get you may be interested to know that I finally decided on the Samsung Galaxy 4S.  There are a number … Continue reading

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Interesting idea from Steve Wozniak on Apple and Android together?

I posted this week that I was looking for help in determining which smartphone to get –  Apparently Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was one or two steps ahead of me.  No surprise.   From an article in Wired: reading

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Regulating personal drones – will they become the property of the FAA?

Ever since I saw the piece on CBS 60 Minutes last month where Amazon’s Jeff Bezos coyly introduced a product not quite ready for prime time – the Delivery Drone, I’ve again been thinking about personal drones.  A January 2nd, … Continue reading

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Opposing Forces

Opposing Forces.   Thoughtful post from my partner @ocddavid

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CNN’s Headline News and Robin Meade – a bright spot wherever Americans Travel

Since I have been back on the road lately I’ve had occasion to spend a number of nights in hotels.   Unlike what I do when I am home, whenever I travel, when I wake up I seem to always be … Continue reading

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