CNN’s Headline News and Robin Meade – a bright spot wherever Americans Travel

robin-meade-jpgSince I have been back on the road lately I’ve had occasion to spend a number of nights in hotels.   Unlike what I do when I am home, whenever I travel, when I wake up I seem to always be able to find CNN’s Headline News Morning Express   The show is hosted by the vivacious and sometimes appealing goofy Robin Meade.

Whether I am in China, Japan, or any foreign country it seems western hotels always carry CNN’s Headline News.  The same is true in the U.S.    While it’s no secret that Ms. Meade is easy on the eyes first thing in the morning, she’s also has a twinkle in her eye when delivering the news.  And that twinkle and her overall attitude make the bad news just a bit easier to take.   And she also makes the good news even more entertaining.

A little background search on Ms Meade uncovered that she as a former Miss Ohio and runner up in the Miss America pageant and has been the host of CNN Headline News for more than twelve years.  In fact her first day on the air was September 11, 2001.  (I was not watching her since I was on a plane to Ohio that morning).  How about that for a first day on the job?   And she came back for the next day and the days after that and has been the one of the most consistent presences in national television news ever since.   No doubt she has to be one of the longest running news anchors on television today.

She is also the host on the Oprah Winfrey Network show Ask Oprah’s All Stars with Dr. Phil McGrawSuze Orman and Dr. Mehmet Oz.   I also like the fact that Ms. Meade talks about her family, her daughter, and husband upon occasion.   She just seems real to me.  Sure she’s been voted one of the ‘’sexiest’ newscasters on television but her smile and manner just work wonders to brighten my morning.   And Ms. Meade seems to travel so well.

I guess I am just a fan.   Maybe you are one too?  Or will be?   Let me know if you take a look.

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