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First run movies at home won’t kill going to the movies

Last week Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook fame) announced a new startup project, and as FORTUNE magazine put it “… called the Screening Room, that would allow users to pay to watch movies from home on the same day … Continue reading

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Why movie theater chains don’t bother with branding

It’s been a little over a year (almost 14 months) since Chinese owned Wanda Group purchased AMC Cinemas in one of the biggest deals of 2012.  While I have posited on why people still go to the movies in a … Continue reading

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Screenvision commands a captive audience

Don’t be alarmed but while you’ve been going to the movie theater over the past several years we’ve all been conditioned to accept advertising while we sit and wait for the feature presentation to begin.  (OK the endless previews followed … Continue reading

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