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First run movies at home won’t kill going to the movies

Last week Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook fame) announced a new startup project, and as FORTUNE magazine put it “… called the Screening Room, that would allow users to pay to watch movies from home on the same day … Continue reading

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The Weather Channel gets back to…. weather forecasts?

I admit I am a bit of a weather geek.  No I don’t have an anemometer in my backyard or a rain gauge, but I do have a pretty good thermometer that offers temperature, humidity and a short-range forecast.   The … Continue reading

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Cablevision and Time-Warner – When Monopoly is no fun at all

When I was a kid playing Monopoly was one of my favorite board games. It was fun to try to dominate the competition. The cable companies apparently paid close attention. Many people feel the American economy relies so much on … Continue reading

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