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Major League Baseball puts listening to the game behind a paywall

Over the weekend I came into the office to catch up on a couple of hours of work. On the way to the office I had been listening (on the car radio) to my beloved New York Mets’ – http://newyork.mets.mlb.comContinue reading

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How Citi Field’s Acela Club turned around a potentially terrible customer experience

Friday afternoon was opening day at CitiField for my beloved New York Mets or as Steve Somers of WFAN coined it – the Wilponzi’s. Ouch. It was a cold and dreary day like many days in early April at baseball … Continue reading

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Foursquare – is it on the road to nowhere?

I’ve been ‘using’ Foursquare’s location based application for about 9 months now. People ask me all the time WHY do I use Foursquare to let people know where I am at a given moment. My standard answer is that in … Continue reading

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