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What’s so wrong with being a niche business?

I’ve written about Blackberry a number of times since I started this blog but not since 2012 when I wrote – I’m waving bye-bye to Blackberry. I noted the features were awful, the battery life was poor, and the two-year … Continue reading

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Major League Baseball puts listening to the game behind a paywall

Over the weekend I came into the office to catch up on a couple of hours of work. On the way to the office I had been listening (on the car radio) to my beloved New York Mets’ – http://newyork.mets.mlb.comContinue reading

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I am waving bye-bye Blackberry

I could not wait any longer. As a longtime customer (more than ten years) of Blackberry devices I feel I gave them ample time to give me a reason to buy a new device from them as my now ancient … Continue reading

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Is Blackberry standing at death’s door?

Like so many RIM – Research in Motion – BB users, last week’s worldwide Blackberry outage was a big inconvenience for me. I was traveling and even more reliant on the efficacy of BB’s email platform. A by-product was that … Continue reading

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Do you sleep with your PDA or smartphone under your pillow?

Maybe you sleep with your mobile device right next to your bed? I’m continually impressed when I find out that many people I know keep their iPhone, Blackberry or Droid on their nightstand when they go to bed at night. … Continue reading

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