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The Las Vegas brand in one word – FUN!

Until this week I hadn’t been in Las Vegas for almost five years. I’m here for a client franchise convention and while I like to sit and play a little blackjack and even stand at a crap table for a … Continue reading

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Expats living in the U.S. and China still seem to forgo a wide world view

I’ve posted that American expatriates living in China have increased my learning curve.     Having met more than fifty U.S.A. born expatriates that now live in China (and even more non-U.S western expats), there are similarities in their view of … Continue reading

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Google buying battery hog Waze is smart – as long as you have power nearby

The news last week was abuzz with Google’s latest $1 billion acquisition of crowd source navigation application WAZE. had this to offer – “Google needs to maintain supremacy in maps, as they are a key to mobile advertising,” Andrew Frank, … Continue reading

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Are the best days ahead or behind for public transportation in New York City?

For the first time in over twenty years, four or five days a week I am now commuting over an hour each way (often an hour and a half) to and from New York City.   I’ve commuted before and tried … Continue reading

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Trying to figure out the puzzle that is Asia

My friend Mel travels more than anybody that I know well.   That’s saying something since I have a fair amount of friends that travel frequently.   For what it’s worth I don’t consider myself a member of the ‘travel frequently’ club.  … Continue reading

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Out of the office really does not matter anymore

I have not used Out-of-Office via MS Outlook in a couple of years. After a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong from JFK where I caught maybe 4 hours of sleep I am wired and working late on a Friday … Continue reading

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Why it’s been worth turning my attention to the Far East

I’ve been traveling to and from China regularly for almost three years now. Beginning in 2000 I have made multiple trips to Japan including short stays in Singapore and Vietnam. Comparing myself to westerners that have been traveling to or … Continue reading

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