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The Food Network Airport Restaurant Brand Fail

If you have watched Cable or Satellite television in the U.S. in the past few years you are at least somewhat aware of the Food Network. Not being an avid watcher I am aware of shows like Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped … Continue reading

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Diners – an American tradition whose days are numbered

Like many of my fellow baby boomers I grew up going to diners. They came in many forms – chain and independent. Friendly’s for instance was a chain diner as was Denny’s. My favorite diners were and still are independent … Continue reading

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Making your business a destination place

I live in a small town in Connecticut. When I moved here there was an old diner called Orem’s that hailed its beginnings from 1921. You can visit the website – http://www.oremsdiner.com. And inside the place it looked like it. … Continue reading

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