A bad case of the wanderlust with no immediate cure

I am going to Tampa, Florida in the next week to celebrate a nephew’s wedding. It will be the first time I have been on a plane in over two months. For me that’s highly unusual and I am becoming more and more frustrated since it’s my nature to be on the go – and I don’t mean back and forth to Manhattan or a day trip by car.

As I am in the process of working out the new aspects of my professional life I am now more than ever forced to opt-out of anything but essential business travel. I don’t like it at all. In no way am I trying to get away from my family and friends. But constant travel has become a part of my DNA and the experiences I have (and am willing to share) when I travel offer perspective and interactions that I think help make me more effective in all areas of my life.

I’ve never been in love with having a routine which for me often becomes a rut. Changing things up keeps my interest keen and traveling to the Far East over the past few years has become something that I truly enjoy. I have not been to China (or Japan) for four months now and it feels more like a year. I miss the feeling of managing my way around an unfamiliar place where I don’t speak the language well or possibly at all. I have some friends that have to travel a great deal on business and while I understand it can be tiring and no fun to be away from home constantly I am surprised that they don’t offer to share the positive aspects of their travels to a greater degree. It seems to me that their business travel for the most part is nothing more than a big burden.

Traveling today is easier than ever (I wrote a post http://wp.me/pn6jX-CR about that a few months back before I knew I would be traveling less frequently) and I’ve got the ‘wanderlust’ as my friend likes to say in a big way.

I am working on a number of things in the Far East and hope that I will have a need to make that 15+ hour flight to Asia sooner rather than later. This makes people shake their head and say – ‘I don’t know how you do it and am glad I don’t have to’. To them I say – ‘You are ignoring all the great things associated with travel’.

Unfamiliar (and sometimes bad) food, stress of flight and travel connections, the constant lack of sleep, the separation from the people you care about, missing watching your favorite teams play sports – I can’t wait to do it all again!

It all sounds a bit crazy when I read it back. But can you relate to how I feel?

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